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Pfsense vlan dns not working

Test connectivity¶. Before diagnosing DNS issues with pfSense® software specifically, start with Troubleshooting Network Connectivity to ensure the firewall has a proper networking configuration and working connectivity. Specifically, ensure the firewall can reach hosts on the Internet by IP address and that clients can reach the both the firewall and hosts.

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A gateway group will be required for the VPN failover also. When the primary WAN_DHCP connection drops, VPN1_WAN will also be dropped. This VPN failover group will failover the VPN1_WAN tunnel to the secondary VPN2_WAN gateway available via the WAN3 connection. Navigate to System > Routing > Gateway Groups & click Add. cdnjs.cloudflare.com, which is behind the same IP as dns .cloudflare.com. After defining the above block rules, browsing to www.rtvnoord.nl (a dutch web site), the following firewall entries will show up in the log (if logging is enabled). The IP addresses for dns .cloudflare.com are included in DOHexceptionsIPv4.txt and DOHexceptionsIPv6.txt.

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Posted January 29, 2018. Containers use host's DNS settings by default, so there is normaly no need to configure DNS servers. If the container can't reach the DNS configured servers, it defaults to google's public DNS normally. You could test DNS from inside the docker: [email protected]:~# docker exec -it unifi /bin/bash.

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Go to "Firewall > Rules > [Name of VLAN]" where "Name of VLAN" is the VLAN in which needs access to the Pi-hole server (any VLAN that is not the same network where your Pi-hole server is located). Click the "Add" button to add a new rule. Use the following settings: Option. Value. Action.

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VPN subnet to transition to both VPN_WAN & WAN ranges (this is needed to facilitate a SELECTIVE_ROUTING rule which will direct certain outbound VPN subnet traffic through the WAN gateway despite being on the VPN subnet). Navigate to Firewall > NAT and select Outbound. Select ‘Manual outbound NAT rule generation`.

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